Our Philosophy

Stationery that Helps the Earth and its People

Artizenry is founded on the belief that great things happen when we celebrate and elevate one another. Everything we create focuses on promoting a global citizenry built on appreciation, love, and compassion.

We bring you handcrafted goods inspired by different art forms from around the world. Similar to slow fashion's two-season cycle, Artizenry focuses on two new collections each year. Each collection celebrates a particular art form and showcases the depth and breadth of the artistic process.

inspired by fair trade

We provide economic opportunities to marginalized communities. By working with women artisans, we are able to improve access to education for their children and promote self-reliance. We believe everyone deserves to be paid a fair wage and work our hardest to source everything in our production cycle ethically. By reinvesting 5% of all sales in women's health initiatives, we aim to give communities around the world the opportunity to support and help each other grow.

consciously sourced and crafted

Being fair to one another goes hand in hand with being fair to Mother Earth. We deeply value the use of high quality, sustainable, and natural materials. From packaging to production, we handpick each element of our production cycle with care and research. By doing so, we hope to reduce our environmental impact, promote sustainable habits, and support organic farming.

We genuinely hope our products inspire you to share your story, explore something new, and grow as a member of the global citizenry.

Guatemala Artisans Captured by Artizenry


about the artist

Artizenry was founded by Manpreet Kalra, a social activist and serial traveler. It was during her travels that Manpreet realized art remains a universal language -- one that often goes under appreciated. 

A note from Manpreet

There is something truly magical about making beauty with your own two hands. I took my first letterpress printing class after coming back from a two month trip across Africa. It quickly became my creative escape — maybe even almost therapeutic? I’ve used letterpress printing to explore the intersection of modern and traditional handicrafts. 
As I continue on my creative journey, I hope to share more of my art with all of you!


Consciously Designed

As serial travelers, one thing we have come to truly appreciate is the unique art found in different regions of the world. Artizenry is about a collective of global citizens that celebrates everyone from the cotton farmers to the makers. We bring you handcrafted letterpress cards inspired by different art forms from around the world. Each collection celebrates a particular art form and showcases the depth and breadth of the artistic process.


Collaborative Design

We work directly with artisans and designers when creating products that celebrate traditional design through modern style.

Small Batch Production

We don't believe in mass production. Every item we make tells a story about the numerous hands that touched it from conception to creation. 

do good

Your purchase supports the handicraft work of a community and helps them showcase their art to others around the world. 


We believe women around the world deserve access to care regardless of location, financial restrictions, and politics. Every time you shop with Artizenry, we reinvest 5% of our sales into women's health. 

We are currently collaborating with Thrive Afya Tanzania, a non-profit organization based in Babati, Tanzania. It is dedicated to improving access to quality reproductive and maternal health services through health system strengthening, life skills development, education, research, and advocacy. 

Thrive Afya Tanzania envisions a Tanzania where every adolescent and woman of reproductive age can choose when to start a family and has access to the necessary services to do so, can share their desires and achieve their goals without discrimination, and will no longer suffer due to lack of access to basic healthcare services.

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