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Letterpress Stationery that Helps the Earth and its People

Inspiring a Global Citizenry Through Letterpress

Great things happen when we celebrate and elevate one another. At Artizenry, we bring you handmade letterpress products inspired by different art forms from around the world. Everything we create focuses on promoting a global citizenry built on appreciation, love, and compassion.


Fresh off the Press


Doing Good Together

We believe in spreading love at every level of the production cycle. We create beautiful products that provide opportunities to those who need it most while taking steps to minimize our carbon footprint. We believe in sourcing our materials responsibly. From production to packaging, we handpick each element of our production cycle with care and research. By doing so, we hope to reduce our environmental impact.



Each card is packaged using compostable plant-based plastic and labels.

Socially Responsible

5% of each purchase is invested into women’s health.

minimal waste production

Any waste we produce during production is reused as much as possible.

tree-free paper

We use 100% cotton, tree-free paper made of waste from the fashion industry.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress Wedding Invitations